About Us

Since earliest childhood, I explored the world through my sense of smell. I loved beautiful things and was impressed by exquisite events, but it was always those places that smelled special that captured my heart and were engraved in my memory. To this very day the aroma of jasmine brings back fond memories of Hess Street, where my grandmother lived, while citrus recalls my first kiss.

As I grew older, I noticed I was not the only one. I became more and more aware that scented memories feature prominently in our lives. I realized that a beloved scent goes into every heart, and that a familiar aroma can make anyone recall the sweet memories of days past.

With time I realized that my role was to give scent its proper place and to weave precise, exciting aromas into the fabric of life; to add another layer to any event or place; and to make events, visits and experiences more special, more captivating, and more singular.

Tournesol was founded to accompany businesses and people and show them that the human sense of smell deserves proper attention. Just as furniture, lighting, music, wine and food receive their due thought and precision, so should scent. This is how the Tournesol plan for scent designing came into being. We love taking part in events and meet business owners at offices and in any place where services are provided, and together we find the scent that is special to them, that tells their story in the most authentic and moving way possible. The scents we custom-design are made of the finest materials and are diffused using smart, cost-effective scent machines.

Your wedding deserves a special scent to match your choice of music, dress, and love. We would love to be there with you and help you share your chosen scents with your guests in the form of a custom-made gift.

We also provide products for the home, the most personal, intimate of spaces. It's the space that gives us energy, our warm, beloved sanctuary. We will be happy to join you with our candles, burners, and room diffusers. Our products are made entirely by hand at our Kerem HaTeimanim studio, where we are inspired by the sea air and the open skies.

Alongside all of these, we are proud to introduce our body care collection. Our hypnotizing, unique scents are also available in cosmetic form.

We are inspired by nature, love it, and appreciate it. Sustainability and health are guiding principles for us, and we make sure to use only vegan materials. Our scent solutions, and naturally our toiletries, contain no SLS, parabens, and artificial coloring. We maintain a green operation throughout, as do our commercial partners.

Our body and home care products are available from high-end stores and on our website. We will also be happy to accompany each and every one of you in your quest for the most suitable scent for your experience or business, and cover your most unique items with a special, precise scent.



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