Scents for events, parties, and conferences

Scents for larger-than-life events: Tournesol party, show and event scents. The Tournesol event scent collection accompanies you to parties and shows as well. Our smart smell machines use advanced technology that makes smell molecules lighter than air. This guarantees even, harmonious, long-lasting diffusion of the scent of your choice of the desired scent throughout spaces of any proportion and size. Let us excite you.

At Tournesol, we believe that every moment in life has its own aroma. That is why we also make perfumes and ambiance scents for events and large spaces.

We decided to take your most beautiful moments and enrich them with scent. Imagine…

Marrying the man or woman of your dreams in a mist of sweet vanilla

Launching your new business with the aroma of summer flowers

Presenting a winter collection with white musk and black pepper aromas

Partying until dawn with a mesmerizing ocean scent all around you

We will make sure that your favorite scent accompanies you to your event. At the end of the evening we will have ready small gifts neatly packed and scented in the scent of your choice so that both you and your guests can recall your special occasion.

What scent will your next event have?

Tournesol is a pioneer in integrating scent culture into parties.

Tournesol is with you at parties as well:

Imagine an exciting, carefully produced, enormous and breathtaking party. At a certain moment the lights become stronger, the space is entirely lit, and the music grown stronger and more intense. You can feel that the peak is close, as though your entire week or evening is about to be manifested in a single moment of pure joy. Lights and music become one.

Then, completely by surprise, the party, DJ, lights, sound and happiness are given a boost in the form of a captivating scent. Instantly, almost magically, everyone is surrounded by a captivating aroma.

That is the moment our smart scent machines are turned on in complete harmony with the DJ, lights and sound, creating a singular, thrilling, unforgettable experience.

Imagine the drumroll signaling the beginning. Guitars, followed by all other instruments, join in gradually, increasing our expectation and excitement. Picture the stage, the video screen in the background and the light pointed to the celebrated performer proceeding to the front of the stage.

At this very moment, as the lights are first dimmed, then turned on to maximum as the star of the evening arrives at the center of the stage, an unexpected, captivating scent is clearly sensed. Suiting this moment to perfection, the scent envelopes the music, words, tune, and experience.

We at Tournesol want to help you thrill, amaze and excite more.

A good performance is measured not only by the sound and lighting quality. A truly great show needs a scent that will take the audience by a storm.

We will come up with the most suitable scent to your performance, one that will make the event more exciting and enrapturing. Our scents will suit your music, lighting production, video and sound. They will tie all of these components together and guarantee the performance of a lifetime.

Sachets bearing the logo of your event or company.

Hand-made candles scented with your event scent as a gift to your guests.

Custom-designed candles.

When joy and scent blend to create an unforgettable memory.

Ambience logo candles arranged throughout various spaces.

Reed diffusers arranged decoratively at your event.

We blend scent and joy into an unforgettable memory by putting your event scent into perfume for your guests to take home.



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