Terms of Use

Terms of Use

  1. Definitions
  2. Name of the business and/or of the management of the website – Tournesol.
  3. Products refers to the various products for sale on the website.
  4. Delivery of goods: up to 7 business days.
  5. Order details:
  • Day of delivery – the day in which products were delivered to the address specified by the customer.
  • Shipping address – the address provided by the customer in the order form as the address to which products should be delivered.
  1. Order day – the day in which the transaction was confirmed by the credit card issuer specified by the client.
  2. General
  • The Tournesol website at tournesolfragrances.com (hereinafter: the Website), built and run by Tournesol (hereinafter: the Company), enables Company customers to purchase space fragrances, candles and soaps, as well as information about the said products.
  • These Terms of Use (hereinafter: the Terms of Use) govern/regulate the relationship between the Company and any person visiting its Website or doing any use thereof and of the services offered or of the information available thereon (hereinafter: the Customer or the User).
  • The Terms of Use do not derogate from or otherwise change any other agreement between the Customer and the Company and/or any other factor connected with the Company, including a corporation belonging to the Company's group.

Without derogating from the aforesaid, in any event of a contradiction or discrepancy between the Terms of Use and terms or instructions appearing in all other media, the Terms of Use shall apply.

  • The use of the Website and the information, content and/or services offered or presented or made available thereon is subject to the Terms of Use. Surfing and using the Website shall be deemed as consent by the User to all aforementioned Terms, Stipulations and notices. It is hereby made clear that the User is not obliged to consent to the Terms of Use – however, should he refuse to thereto, he or she must exit the website and not make use thereof or of the services offered thereon.
  • The User is aware that the availability of the information and services offered on the Website is not perpetual and is at times subject to agreements the Company and/or its representative have with third parties, and that the Company is allowed, according to its exclusive discretion, to update and/or cancel and/or remove an application, service or particular content from the Website, from time to time, instantly and without notice, and the User shall have no claim and/or demand in connection therewith.
  • The division of the Terms of Use into articles and the titles thereof is intended for the sake of convenience only and shall not be used for interpretation. Any use of the above terminology or other words in this document in the singular, plural, and/or he/she/they, is taken as interchangeable and therefore referring to same.


  1. Use of the Website and the services thereof
  • The use of the Website and the services thereof is provided "As-Is". All Website information and data, including information on the services offered through the Website, are up to date and reflective only of the date indicated therein or thereby.
  • The use of the Website is free and open to all at no cost, excluding payment for the services offered thereon.
  • It is hereby made clear that the images of the products appearing on the Website are intended for demonstration purposes only. The Company shall not be responsible for any mismatches between that which is presented on the Website and the product provided to the Client. The Company shall make every effort to provide the Client with a product similar as much as possible to the product he had ordered.


  1. Limitation of use of the Website

Without derogating from the aforesaid, the Company shall be entitled to prevent a User from making any use of the Website should any of the following occur:

  • The User has acted illegally and/or has infringed the provisions of Law;
  • The User has infringed the Terms of Use;
  • The User had provided the company with wrong or out-of-date details when purchasing the services offered on the Website;
  • The User has committed an act or deed that is of potential harm to the Company, any of its representatives and/or any third party, including other Website users, or to the proper operation of the Website, including, but not limited to, making fraudulent or unauthorized purchases.


  1. Purchase of services

Any purchase of a service through the Website is subject to the following conditions:

  • All sums and prices on the Website price list include VAT (should payment of VAT on purchases be due according to the provisions of the applicable law) unless otherwise and explicitly stated. The Company reserves itself the right to change at any time and without prior notice the prices appearing on the Website.
  • The credit card with which the User wishes to pay for a service on the Website is a valid Israeli or International credit card, issued in Israel by a credit card issuer.
  • Should the User make use of the credit card details of any third party, that use is fully consented to and authorized by the registered owner of the credit card. The User shall be fully responsible and immediately compensate the Company for any claim and/or demand made by the owner of the credit card or by any third party in connection with the User making such use of the credit card.
  • Following the confirmation of the purchase details by credit card companies, the User shall be mailed a purchase confirmation to the email address he had provided when making the purchase. Should transactions not be authorized by credit card companies, Users shall be entitled to contact the customer service call center (in accordance with article 9 herein below) in order to arrange the authorization of the transaction by credit card companies.
  • It is hereby made clear that a purchase for which a purchase confirmation has not been issued as per the previous sub-article shall not bind the Company
  • The User hereby warrants that all details he had entered when making the purchase are correct, precise, up-to-date and complete. Entering false details is a criminal offense and anyone committing it is expected to face criminal and civil legal proceedings.
  • Tournesol does not undertake to keep all scents and/or products pictured on the Website in stock.
  • Website management is entitled to issue special offers, benefits and discounts on the Website. The management is entitled to discontinue, change or alter any such special offers, benefits and discounts at any given moment, without providing any prior notice.
  • Confirmation of purchase is hereby subject to the availability of the product at the Tournesol warehouse on the requested date of delivery or date of purchase. However, if it is not specified that the product is out of stock, and the product has not been removed from the website by the time of the purchase, Tournesol shall not be obliged to sell the product, and the purchaser shall have no claim and/or cause of action in this regard for any type of damage, whether direct or indirect, caused to the purchaser and/or to a third party. This is subject to the Website management restoring to the Client any amount paid, if any, to Tournesol, and/or the cancellation by Tournesol of the charge in the event it has been finalized. It should be emphasized and clarified that situations may occur in which, despite the fact that a certain item is shown on the Website as being available, it is in reality out of stock and cannot be supplied – in such instances that transaction shall be cancelled and the Client shall have no claim in connection therewith, subject to the repayment of the amount paid by the Client.





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