Dry-Air scent diffusion for businesses

Tournesol is proud to make use of Cold-Air Diffusion, the most advanced scent-diffusion technology available. Unlike machines that use a scent-spraying mechanism, our smart machines convert any scent into dry air, allowing harmonious, long-term scent diffusion throughout spaces of any size and proportion.

Technology also enables us to connect our machines to central air conditioning systems so as to optimize and harmonize the scent of your choice.

Our machines are already diffusing exhilarating scents at events, offices, hotels, shops, cafés, fitness clubs, clinics, and spas.

At Tournesol we can match you with the scent that is most suitable to the ambience of your business or event, its design language, colors and elements. We create scents that will take your business or event to a whole new level.

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. When people enter an office or a place of business that has been fragranced with the right scent, they can almost instantly tell that:

In this place, every little detail has been taken into account.

Excellent service is given by people who truly enjoy their work. 

This is a place they would like come back to.

Doing business in this place is an agreeable experience.

The pleasant scent they encounter is the smell of success.

Staying at a great hotel is an experience for both body and soul. Every memory of our stay holds a different smell – of cleanliness, leisure, tranquility, pleasure, purity and good taste. Items and facilities are also imprinted upon our memory through smell: clean, white linen, exquisite toiletries, the clear waters of the swimming pool and gardens in full bloom. Their aromas are with us every minute of our holiday. Unbeknown to us, they take a central part in our experience of happiness and serenity.

We all know the feeling of entering a hotel for the first time. At the lobby we are met with a pleasant aroma telling us that our holiday has begun in earnest. This magical smell, mixed with the cool air of the AC system and the scent of white orchids, is often taken for granted. Yet behind it lies a masterwork of meticulous planning, incorporating the most delicate details. Hotels offer the best example of the role that scent plays in our mind and of how useful is its design.

We all know that a healthy body begins with a happy soul. With the right scent, the road to recovery that begins at your medical facility can be made better.

At Tournesol we propose to sweeten the atmosphere of medical facility. We replace the well-known odors of medicine and harsh disinfectants with something different: a pleasant, different and surprising experience for your patients. This is achieved using relaxed, optimistic scents such as eucalyptus and lavender that turn every visit to the clinic or hospital into a more positive, relaxed experience.

We advise our clients to go beyond scents of cleanliness, health and purity, and also explore those of happiness and enjoyment. For fitness clubs and gyms we use fresh, green aromas. They mix with the experience of training and exercise like a fragrant boost of adrenaline.

Innovative scenting for sports facilities is one of our specialties. Imagine a spinning class scented orange, a lavender-perfumed yoga class or a kickboxing session with the aroma of peaches. These and many other options will turn your gym into a place that is far more fun to go back to.

The entrance lobbies of office and residential buildings welcome us at least twice a day, upon arrival and when we depart. This is why they should be considered carefully. Our apartment building is our place of refuge, where our home is. Our place of work is where we spend most of the day, most days. Nothing is nicer than to encounter a pleasant, clean and inviting scent when we come back home or arrive at work, a scent that will make you feel that you are in the right place.

The advanced scent diffusion technology we use for Tournesol products guarantees that any scent you select will evenly perfume open spaces and lobbies of any size and proportion, and will linger for a long time.

When we create scent solutions for spas we like to take the aromas of the warm massage oils throughout the facility. Scents such as almond or grape seed oil and lemongrass can make a spa experience more luxuriant. With the right scent, visitors can start to relax as soon as they enter the spa and enjoy the atmosphere of care and attention both inside and outside the treatment rooms.

First-class evens are always carefully planned and meticulously executed: the design of the space and stage, the lighting, the guests in their finest clothes and accessories, and above all, the sound quality of the real star of any party: the music. Tournesol strives to become a pioneer in putting the finishing touch of scent on such events. We will arrange our machines in spaces used for events and large-scale parties to diffuse enthralling, joyful aromas. Ecstasy, pleasure and rhythm can be bound together with the right scent, leaving all guests with a unique experience to remember.

Novel anti-smoke technologies allow us to employ engineered smell molecules to capture cigarette odor while simultaneously diffusing clean, refreshing scents. This is recommended for spaces in which smoking is allowed.

Our smart machines, diffusing scents in an even, light-weight manner from the air, offer an effective end to smell hazards: from garbage stench to the odors of cooking and frying to sewage, mold and congested air in closed spaces. They make use of engineered, smell-capturing molecules to neutralize undesired smells while diffusing clean, fresh scents.

Tournesol is the proud developer of mosquito-repelling techniques. Our exclusive mixture allows us to combat this hazard using non-toxic, human-friendly ingredients that are delicately perfumed.

At Tournesol we know how to diversify and enrich every event, conference, product launch or family event like weddings and bar-mitzvahs.

Ahead of such events we meet with our clients at the Tournesol studio to select a unique scent collection. We will match you with the scent most suitable to you to go hand in hand with the design, the champagne, the dessert, and the music.

Should you want to, you could also give this scent as a gift to your guests. More than a mere present, this true, tangible memory comes in many forms: candles, room diffusers, or even unforgettable body perfumes.



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