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Our perfumes

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Tournesol perfumes are exquisitely and carefully made by hand for women and men (unisex options also available). Our perfumes contain no animal products or artificial colors and have not been tested on animals.

50 ml, 100 ml 
Wild spring

ngredients: Orange, green lemon, tangerine, warbena, bergamot and noroli, definitely unisex, Morning perfume, exact for spring and summer.

Dolce Viente for women.

Ingredients: delicate lime, a few red peppers and sour parsley, sweet musk, grass and tea. Elegant perfume, with bright notes and pinkish scents. The fragrance of the spring season with a lot of freedom and joy.

French Lavender for women.

Ingredients: wild lavender oil and refined bergamot. The main notes are of lavender grown in the fields of southern France, carefully mixed with elegant and high bergamot. An exciting, delicate perfume that is suitable for all seasons and any time of day.

Arabesco for men. 

Ingredients: black pepper, agar tree, patchouli leaves and a little tobacco. Suitable for strong, refined and elegant men. Sensual perfume brave and masculine. Very suitable for the evening time.

Riberta for men.

A high and green perfume for men. Ingredients: bergamot, lemon, and basil. A special perfume with a sensual presence. A strong and unique smell that no-one can remain indifferent to.

Corteau for men. 

Ingredients: white bergamot and green tea. An amazing and exciting perfume. A charming smell with shades of green and hidden sweetness. Suitable for every day and event. Our best selling perfume.

Paradiso Unisex

Ingredients: green tea, sea and summer scents, and light blue and spring green colors, a light smell of free horsemen suitable for bright and beautiful days.

Orange and Ginger Unisex

Perfume with summer notes, joy and happiness, freedom and lightness. Ingredients: sweet orange and spicy ginger, which together create a perfect harmony of refreshing, sexy and captivating scent.

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