Bar soap
Bar soap
Bar soap
Bar soap
Bar soap
Bar soap
Bar soap

Bar soap

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Tournesol bar soaps are lovingly and carefully made by hand. Based on olive and coconut oils, our soap is paraben and salt-free and does not contain animal products or artificial coloring. This product has not been tested on animals. 

After boiling we pour the soap mass into molds of varying sizes and shapes and enrich them with pure, excitingly-scented oils. 

Regular bar

The soap is poured into rectangular molds and, once hardened, is cut into 200 gram pieces.


This 1-kilo block is the equivalent of 10 to 12 single bars. Simply put the block on a cutting board and cut a new piece whenever the previous bar runs out.

Heart-shaped soap

This is our romantic bar soap, delivered at its utmost freshness to your door.

Soap on a rope

This soap is actually a scenting ornament. We love washing with it, too. Simply hang it out to dry after you shower, so it dries quicker and keeps longer. 

Available in three scents: lavender & bergamot, ginger & orange, and spearmint & eucalyptus. 

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